Aim for rejection and land a job as a result

Sometimes we find ourselves looking for a job offer.

If that offer doesn’t come soon enough, we will despair – and end up worse off than we had been in the beginning of our search. Working toward the goal of getting a single acceptance letter is very tiresome.

A great alternative to that daunting goal is reversing the challenge on its head: aim to get 20 rejections.

The logic is simple:

  • Both 1 acceptance and 20 rejections require filing roughly the same number of applications
  • The reverse goal forces us to overcome application block and actually submit 20 applications – which is more than many of us normally file before frustration with the job search kicks in
  • Aiming for 20 rejections removes the pressure of getting accepted by each application. Instead you are assuming the opposite – so any response you get from an employer will be going towards a goal of yours. Great stress reliever.

Note: don’t just apply for anything that will get you a rejection. An important part of this approach to the job search is keeping your applications sincere and relevant to your life goals. Now go out there and get rejected a bunch ๐Ÿ˜‰